Wellness and war

I used this website since 2016 mostly as a tool to communicate my marketing messages. Also I had a goal to develop some modern instruments for the people and for my educational activities.

But this war changed everything. I recently started my first shift as the paramedic in the team of the medical battalion “Hospitaliers”. The task is to provide emergency help and to evacuate wounded soldiers.

Before that, I decided to write the book. After the preparation and some formulations I decided to go by the path: Blog (posts here and in Instagram) -> The essay -> The book. Here you can follow the progress and support my activities.

My name is Andriy Mozhyn. I am wellness professional and I call myself the global citizen. I believe the world is small and war for me is something illogical and out of my system of values. Though for our country, for people it is very cruel reality. My highest value is freedom, and life is the biggest value.

The motto of our battalion is “Every saved life matters”, and it sounds really wellness for me.

I am starting this blog “Wellness and war” to share with you my feelings, my experience and I hope you will enjoy reading it.

Now I need your support. Here you can find how you could do that.