Wellness Guiding

Hi there! We are a team of professionals who is currently working on the new service we call “Wellness Guiding”.

We invite you to become a participant and to test the prototype of our service.

Wellness guiding is a comprehensive service of help and support. In order to more accurately understand the essence of the service, we will familiarize you with some concepts that we operate with.

Wellness is a way to achieve the best possible quality of life and maximum realization of the potential of each person.

The concept of personal wellness is an organizational structure for the analysis and implementation of tasks, based on the main aspects of human life and activity (physical, emotional, spiritual, social, intellectual, career/financial, aspects of interaction with the environment).

A guide/manager is a person who helps you assess the level of training, the availability/absence of resources, their competent use, the need for additional tools and performers.

My main goal in the framework of our cooperation: to develop the project successfully. The project is you, and one of your priority tasks in life.

Steps to start cooperation

The first step: setting the problem.

Is it a tactical goal (short-term project) or a strategy (long-term development)? For this, we will conduct an initial consultation.

To start cooperation, formulate for yourself in a free form the main task (one). What aspect of personal wellness would you classify it as?

See you at the consultation!)