Essentials of massage

For you who cares about beloved ones

This individual training is suitable for everybody. Massaging is an useful skill, and we believe that amateur massage is also a great thing. Professional massage is important, you could achieve certain results with it.
However what could be better to create small ritual for your beloved ones. After long working day, workout or sport training 10-15 minutes of simple massage could have magical effect.
You would learn the most important and useful massage elements, and how to perform them properly and safely both for you and for your beloved one.

1 day training (4 hours) for 2 people 30000 ISK
2 days training (8 hours) for 2 people 50000 ISK

It will be 90% of practice. If you want to make surprise to your family – find friend who would be ready to study with you.

*main massage positions and elements
*special tricks to impress
*back and neck massage
*massage for feet and hands, for head and ears

*areas to avoid
*main rules of amateur massage