SJ massage training

Smart-joint massage is the update to your classic and deep massage techniques.

This method of body work has the emphasis on the most important joint of the human body:

  • spine;
  • shoulder complex;
  • hip complex.

The method is based on Eastern-European classical massage schools techniques, with usage of elements from Deep Tissue and Traditional Thai massage.

The result of first few sessions is pain relief, improvement of joint flexibility and posture conditions.

This training is 90% practical, with a bit of attention to anatomy and physiology.

It is available both in small groups (up to 6 people) and individually.

Two options for small groups are available:

  1. 16 hours (2 days) training. First day: improved massage technique. Additional movements, systematic approach and preparation for the deeper work. Second day: Joint massage.
  2. 8 hours (1 day or 2 days: 4 hours each) training. Mostly new movements with the holistic approach to the body.

Individual training (for one or two therapists) is available by request. Pricing is negotiable.