My techniques

Here is the list of massage techniques I can perform as licensed massage therapist with 12 years of international experience.

Most of services I can perform separately, sessions could be 45, 60 or 90 minutes.

Classic massage is the most popular treatment in Western countries, efficient and scientifically approved. I got my first training in 15 years ago and since then got many improvements, on top I am certified Massage Therapist since 2013.

There are additional variants of classic massage, such as relax, sport and anti-cellulite.

Traditional Thai massage is a technique which came from South East Asia, though it is very popular in Europe now, as very different from traditional massage. Stretching and pressing, partly it looks like passive yoga sessions.

Deep Tissue: this treatment is useful when pain is caused by the wrong muscle performance (as it usually happens).

Mindfulness massage is more like concept then massage. Though performed in form of guided meditation, this service helps to get rid of obsessive thoughts and relax both body and mind.