Wellness Services

Back massage (45 min),

Full body massage (75 min)

You will get an efficient and deep massage, which is based on traditional technique, with the best elements from Thai, Deep Tissue massages and from Joint relief approach. This service fits to people who has chronic or irregular pain in upper- or lower back, joints, has sleeping problems or wants to improve the body appearance.

Wellness-massage “Joint relief” (75 min)

Modern work approach requires individualized, personal needs’ consideration of every client. This innovative service will fit both experienced guests and newcomers, and every treatment will be designed for the particular person.

There are certain steps of the wellness-massage. It gives opportunity to find common language and find out tactical and strategical needs.

It starts with short test for joint, continues with deep massage and afterwards therapist will show simple exercises which you could perform to improve your conditions.


Foot massage (45 min – separately,

30 min – in addition to other massages)

Massaging the feet alleviate anxiety and bring about a deep state of relaxation. Besides that, work with certain points on the feet influences all body. Nowadays foot massage is one of the most popular and pleasant SPA-services.

Beauty massage “Skin care” (75 min)

Provided with the professional French cosmetic products, this massage gives great results for body skin appearance. Combination of the most efficient elements from lymphatic drainage and classical massage is the best way to improve forms of your body.

Consultancy services 

SPA-guide: investing in your health means that YOU must know a lot what you gonna get from the services. I create this guiding service to provide this valuable knowledge about the SPA-services. You will know what to expect, how to evaluate the quality and understand the difference between the “declarative” and real SPA-centers.


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